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Effective date: 21.07.2023 .

DVC d.o.o, PJ. DVC SPORT Banjaluka web shop enables payment of items from its offer in two ways: cash payment by cash on delivery and payment by payment cards.

You choose the payment method when placing an order on our web shop.



If you have decided on this method of payment, you are obliged to pay the package delivered to your address to the delivery person on the spot when picking it up.

You will not be charged any additional costs (except delivery costs) for cash on delivery. Payment is possible only in cash. Payment must be made in convertible marks.

Please keep in mind that the delivery person may not have change to give you back the change, so make sure you have the correct payment amount that is stated in the confirmation email you received when confirming the purchase.



If you have decided to pay with a payment card, during the last step before confirming the purchase, the system will redirect you to the security link of UniCredit bank a.d. Banja Luka, where you enter your payment card information. The total amount and shipment number are entered automatically and cannot be changed. After a successful purchase, you will be returned from the bank adapter back to our website, with confirmation that your purchase was successful. Ukoliko je došlo do neke greške u vezi sa Vašom platnom karticom, bićete vraćeni nazad na naš web sajt, sa obavještenjem o čemu se radi. After a successful purchase and payment by payment card, you do not have any subsequent costs when collecting the shipment.

  • After the payment has been made, the specification of the paid e-invoice and its amount cannot be changed.
  • After the payment has been made, it is not possible to cancel the payment and reverse the charged amounts
  • You can send all complaints about e-invoice payments to

DVC d.o.o, PJ. DVC SPORT Banjaluka fully disclaims any responsibility for damage that may occur to you and/or third parties as a result of unauthorized or unauthorized use of the payment card, i.e. any misuse of the same (stolen payment card, use of the payment card without the knowledge of the owner, etc.). In the above and similar cases, DVC d.o.o., PJ. DVC SPORT Banja Luka will not refund the funds paid.

DVC d.o.o, PJ. DVC SPORT Banjaluka is not responsible for the interruption of the Internet connection or the unavailability of the payment card processor.

DVC d.o.o, PJ. DVC SPORT Banjaluka will, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, take all available measures in order to protect your data, as well as data on e-invoice payments. The above data will be considered confidential information and will be available only to employees who need the data to perform their work. All data about the payment card is encrypted and exchanged directly between you and the bank’s server of the payment card processor, and their security, i.e. confidentiality of data, is guaranteed and provided by the bank.

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol, which is currently the most modern technology.

Data security during purchases is guaranteed by the card processor. For making purchases with payment cards, the card processor is UniCredit bank a.d. Banja Luka, so the complete billing process is done on the bank’s website. At no time are the payment card data available to the DVC d.o.o., PJ system. DVC SPORT Banjaluka, therefore DVC d.o.o., PJ. DVC SPORT Banja Luka will not be responsible for any misuse thereof.